Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Capelad: info 1

Red, your posts and questions have finally caught my attention. This may be hard for you to grasp, but Capelad, Raccoon lad, Haze, Deep-Freeze, and Sarah Palin are all timeless beings. They take control of people, and live there godly lives in them. they stay in these bodies until these bodies die, and then they move on to another, and another. These Godly beings can't be killed, only their vestigial bodies can. So you see, Capelad never truly died. He went into hiding, and Haze took control of the body Capelad was using. Of course no one knew this, because it was a secret pact that they both took.

Capelad takes in many apprentices. most are just fans who think they have what it takes. But a few are truly "special". These include haze, Raccoon Lad, and Deep-Freeze. After centuries of working together, it is very visible what the results were. Amazing heroes/villains.

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