Monday, January 26, 2009

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Capelad is often confused with Jesus. This is a common misconception, and happens regularly, in fact, in some religions, he is even considered a god! This is probably only Randallism, but it doesnt really matter. The only problem Capelad has to deal with, is when those crazy Christians start coming at me, trying to be blessed or something. What is wrong with them!?!?!?. Any way, this problem is dealt with easily enough, especially at night, when i can slip away into the darkness, where i belong. In the day, a few hand grenades (which should always be kept handy, just in case) into the crowd always seems to "fix" the problem.

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  1. Capelad may be confused with Jesus, due to his unlikely reincarnation, what's the REAL story behind this? And how do Haze and Raccoon Lad Factor into this?