Friday, January 30, 2009

the swear jar

some funny shit.

Brooke Rippy

Brooke Rippy is jealous of my blog. I just think you all should know that.


Even though I haven't made many posts relating to Capelads friends, I forgot to even mention Hatlad. This doesn’t really matter anyway, because Hatlad died. Of course he’s not REALLY dead; he merely lacks a host body. Hatlad was a sidekick/ co-hero to Capelad. His death wasn’t tragic, or eventful for that matter. In fact, I don’t even remember him dying… I suppose that it doesn’t really matter any more, what’s dead is dead. Also, the host for Hatlads soul has officially dropped out of the Capelad project, so don’t expect Hatlad to appear in Capelad: the movie

a late post

Recently, there was an attempt to steal my hat in the dead of night. At approximately 3:00 in the morning, a certain young lady broke into my quarters, and attempted to steal my hat. Because e my hat was hidden, she couldn’t find it, and her rifling woke me up. After several minutes of torture, I discovered who devised this plan. Red, the next time I see you, don’t expect to live much long after.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Make your own thing things!

its simple. all you gotta do, is save it (as a bmp file), open it on paint, and cut and paste the parts. you have to click on the picture to get the full size, and i also just realized that its missing some zombie parts. oh well.

Well folks

Here i am, sipping some hot chocolate and contemplating how badly my day is going to go today. I didn't do all my English HW, I never did my History HW, and to top it all off, i have a very important Spanish Test today. Hoorah.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Irrelevant post 1

The first thing you do when a zombie attacks, is to protect your bread and toaster with a ring of Survivors (wielding shotguns of course)going around it. the Most important things you could have at a time like that, are bread and toasters, for without them, you couldn't make decent sandwiches. There is no way you could survive a zombie apocalypse with out decent sandwiches. Not only do they give you precious energy ( to fight off zombies with), they also boost morale, and give you and your fellow survivors something to look forward to; a reason to live for.

Capelad Post 2

Being a humble and modest creature, Capelad is not likely to kick you for no reason. He definitely has a reason. You just don't know what it is. And if you are dumb enough to ask him why, you will most likely receive swifter, more brutal kicks. Preliminary kick tends to be in the shins and back area of the leg. The kicks you receive for being an idiot and asking questions however, are often to the groin, throat, and occasionally the head (if your sprawling on the floor). Sadly, there are only two ways to avoid such a fate. The first is to never ask why in the first place. The second is to offer some type of delicacy (Ham sandwiches, Pizza, Shrimp, Ice Cream, Etc.), and beg to be spared. You better be prepared to give him the food too, or be ready to be viciously kicked and then most likely end up tied (upside down) to a tree. Don't fret. As i said before, Capelad is a humble and modest creature. He won't go around doing these things without reason.

A secret of the Capelad

Capelad,( who never actually died choking on a jellybean ), will be starring in the movie, CAPELAD: the movie. this movie will be about the creation of Capelads High and Incredibly Rigorous Squad (CHAIRS). the movie is expected to eventually come out, and will hopefully have decent ratings.

Capelad: info 1

Red, your posts and questions have finally caught my attention. This may be hard for you to grasp, but Capelad, Raccoon lad, Haze, Deep-Freeze, and Sarah Palin are all timeless beings. They take control of people, and live there godly lives in them. they stay in these bodies until these bodies die, and then they move on to another, and another. These Godly beings can't be killed, only their vestigial bodies can. So you see, Capelad never truly died. He went into hiding, and Haze took control of the body Capelad was using. Of course no one knew this, because it was a secret pact that they both took.

Capelad takes in many apprentices. most are just fans who think they have what it takes. But a few are truly "special". These include haze, Raccoon Lad, and Deep-Freeze. After centuries of working together, it is very visible what the results were. Amazing heroes/villains.

another test

Well i think it should work now. My stupid internet explorer couldn't even put pictures or spell check. LONG LIVE MOZILLA!!!

Video upload?

A bear apparently... lets see if it works...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A guy in a sombrero and an alleged russian

pretty odd, and yet amazing all at the same time.

Capelads insight

well Red, that question can be solved quite easily. Capelad never died. He faked his own death, to avoid stalkers.He had to convince Raccoonlad, only to make it all the more plausible. and it worked! the stalkers all cried and raped their inflatables, but in truth, Capelad was actually hiding in his bunker, After things died down, he came out of hiding. he never again went public, but he never died either. except in the "hearts" of his stalkers, of course.

I Can do this now

Add ImageAs you can see, this is clearly a ripoff of one of Bryan's Pictures on facebook.

favorite fails

(careful, that last one has language...)

My stalker Friend

Hello Red.
I see that you have publicized the fact that i am not really dead. the problem with that is, there are stalkers out there that didnt know that, and left me alone (to some extent). Now that this has been made public, my safety is comprimised. all i want to say, is


Monday, January 26, 2009

post 1

Capelad is often confused with Jesus. This is a common misconception, and happens regularly, in fact, in some religions, he is even considered a god! This is probably only Randallism, but it doesnt really matter. The only problem Capelad has to deal with, is when those crazy Christians start coming at me, trying to be blessed or something. What is wrong with them!?!?!?. Any way, this problem is dealt with easily enough, especially at night, when i can slip away into the darkness, where i belong. In the day, a few hand grenades (which should always be kept handy, just in case) into the crowd always seems to "fix" the problem.


umm... yeah i guess.Add Image